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PAGOUNI S.A. is one of the leading and most dynamic companies in the steel processing and steel treatment sector, with a long history of seven decades, starting from its founder George Pagounis, in Kozani. Its main milestones are:
: Beginning of business activity in tinplate processing.
1960: Establishment of craft activity in metal bed construction.
1970: Relocation to Evosmos Thessaloniki and beginning of pipe industry activity.
1980: Relocation to Ionia Thessaloniki and expansion of activities in flat metal plates processing.
1990: The second generation takes command and the company changes its legal form into a Capital Limited Company. Modernization of the sheet metal forming section.
2000: Modernization of sheet metal plate processing and forming section.
2010: Creation of new state-of-the-art facilities for the production of insulating panels in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.
Nowadays, the activities of the company are housed in two facilities of 15.000m2
in land of 55.000m2, with production equipment of high quality and productivity.

Creating a well-organized company with a leading position, that will ensure satisfaction and better life quality for customers and employees.

The implementation of the company's vision is achieved through specific actions such as:
• Offering the most complete solutions and the most modern and innovative products to the customer.
• The commitment to quality through the use of excellent raw materials and production of certified products.
• Sustainable growth through continuous investments in building infrastructure and production equipment.
• Continuous training and specialization of our workforce.


PAGOUNI S.A. is staffed with the most qualified and adequately trained personnel. Manned with many young scientists, operates:
• research and development department for the production of new products,
• contemporary studying and design department that provides solutions according to customer's specifications,
• specialized production departments equipped with state-of-art machinery with environmentally friendly technology.

High quality of products and services ensured by:
• implementation of management systems regarding Quality ISO 9001:2015, Environment ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health & Safety ISO 45001:2018
• harmonized European Norm based production processes,
• constant laboratory tests using calibrated instruments,
• certifications of notified laboratories and inspection bodies.

The activities and the product range of PAGOUNI S.A. are developed in two mainstreams of the famous brand solutions:
DOMOLAM, referring to the construction sector and covering the specified needs of building, cladding and finishing of the metallic or composite steel-concrete projects and
SERVILAM, concerning the provision of total solutions for the modern needs of the metal sheet processing industry.