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Pagouni SA (from now on THE Company) has created the website www.pagouni.gr in order to offer information and services to its users.

The Company reserves the right to proceed to any change contributing to the improvement of its products and prohibits reprint of the documents or part of them without its wirtten consent.

The use of website www.pagouni.gr governed by following terms and conditions, which users are requested to read carefully and comply. The use of the website www.pagouni.gr implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The Company may change these Terms and Conditions, for any reason and without notice. The continued use of the website by users after the effective date of any changes to the Terms and Conditions shall be construed as acceptance of the changes.

1. Intellectual and industrial property rights

The whole of our website content, including indicatively but not restrictively, texts, news, graphics, photographs, drawings, designs, services and generally any kind of file is copyright protected and governed by national and international copyright law , except of the explicitly recognized rights of third parties. Therefore, any reproduction, republication, copying, storing, selling, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, download, translation or modification in any way, partially or in summary without the express prior written consent of COMPANY.

Exceptionally, the individual storage and copy parts of the content in a simple personal computer for personal use, with no intention of any commercial use and always under the condition of indicating the source of origin, without meaning in any case copyright granting.

Anything contained in our website that may be trademarks and intellectual property of third parties belongs to their responsibility and has nothing to do with our website.

2. Third Party Sites and Content

Some contents of the website may be owned by third parties (eg. Articles, data or extracts) or there may be hyperlinks that lead to websites owned by third parties, who have full liability (civil or criminal) for safety , legality or reliability of their website contents and services, excluding any liability of COMPANY.

The Company can not guarantee that website users have the right to use the content owned by third parties and is available in the website . Users must obtain permission from the third party before the use or storage of such content. The copyright protected contents can not be changed, as can not be changed any author notice or copyright notice that appear in that, without obtaining the necessary consents.

The Company provides such links for the convenience of its website users. The Company has no control on the websites owned by third parties or their contents, which can be accessed through this website or available to it and, therefore, the Company does not support, advise or otherwise accept any responsibility for such websites or their contents.

3. Rights to use information provided by users

All information provided to the COMPANY by the users of this website (including indicatively but not restrictively, personal information, know-how, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, abstracts or similar) are not considered confidential. COMPANY may disclose, copy and use all or any of this information for any purpose without restriction.

4. Obligations visitor / user

The visitor / user of our website should firstly comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, and refrain from any illegal and abusive use of content and services of our website.

He must also behaves decent and discreet during the visit and the use of our website, and expressly prohibited the adoption of unfair competition practices or other breach of NETIQUETTE (Code of Conduct Users INTERNET). Any damage caused in our website or our network generally, resulting from poor or improper use of the services by the user / visitor goes back to his sole responsibility.

5. Confidentiality policy

The Company considers very important safety of its website users' personal data and is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of any personal information provided.

This confidentiality policy sets out the principles governing the use of received personal information. Anyone uses this website or is registered as a user of the services provided by the COMPANY agrees with this use.

Users are requested to carefully read the confidentiality policy. This confidentiality policy may occasionally change. We therefore ask from the users to check it regularly to ensure that they are aware of the most recent version applied each time they visit the website.

5.1. Description of gathered information

Total Information: Jointly with many commercial organizations information is gathered for monitoring the use of this site. In this process personally identifiable data ARE NOT collected . Normally, gather information about the number of visitors and the original domain name of the Internet Service Provider. This information is used to understand the use implemented by the website visitor and may be shared with other companies or other third parties.

Personal data : The management and protection of this website user's personal data is governed by these terms and conditions and the Greek legislation (Law. 2472/1997 as in force, N. 3471/2006, decisions and instructions of the Data Protection Authority) . These data are not disclosed to third parties (except as provided by law and the competent authorities), but their personal character is preserved. The website maintains files with this information for purposes of communication, statistics and improvement of its services.

Moreover, in case of "links" to other sites, the site is not responsible for the management and protection of personal data that they follow.

5.2. use of Cookies

Cookies are small files sent by the website management software and stored on the hard disk of the user computer. Sometimes created and transferred to the first register on the website and then used to identify the computer and the repeated access to the website without requiring a connection, accelerating the access to the website and the information the user wants to see. The majority of web browsers accept cookies, but by changing the browser settings, the transfer may not be allowed.

6. Links to other sites

Our website is not responsible for the content and services of other sites to which it refers through «links», hyperlinks or banner advertising neither guarantee their availability. Problems that may arise during the visit / use of websites to which we refer exclusively belong to the responsibility of the respective websites and in any case you must adress to them. Access to other sites are for the convenience of our users and in no way creates any kind of commitment for anyone.

7. Compensation

Expressly agreed to this, in case brought against our Website any action, claim, administrative or judicial action arising from any type of your offense, you assume the obligation to participate in our judicial proceedings and to indemnify the Website in case be forced to pay compensation or other cost.

8. Applicable law and other conditions

This user agreement is governed by the provisions of Greek Law, the Directives and Regulations of European Law and the relevant international provisions, construed in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics and the economic and social purpose of rights.

If any provision is found contrary to law and therefore called void or voidable, it ceases to have effect, without in any way affecting the validity of other conditions.

These Terms represent the entire agreement between every user and the COMPANY and governs the access and use of the website by users. These Terms prevail against any other written agreement between every user and the COMPANY regarding the use of this site.

9. Cookies

Essential cookies

Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannotfunction properly without these cookies.

Cookie name / Owner / Duration / Type / Purpose
PHPSESSID / paguoni.gr / Session / HTTP / Preserves user session state accross page requests

vf / paguoni.gr / 1 day / HTTP / Essence instance code

Statistic cookies

Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with website by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Cookie name / Owner / Duration / Type / Purpose
/ paguoni.gr / 2 years / HTTP / Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website
_gat / paguoni.gr / 1 day / HTTP / Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate
_gid / paguoni.gr / 1 day / HTTP / Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website
collect / paguoni.gr / Session / Pixel / Used to send data to Google Analytics about tje visitor's device and behavior. Tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels