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Dismantle - Reuse - Recycle

After the end of life of a metal building, polyurethane panels and metal components must be removed and managed in an environmentally friendly manner. In particular, panel insulation, polyurethane is an extremely durable product, which is inert, does not rot and resists moisture absorption. The polyurethane plates can be separated from the metal sheets of the panels after their end of use and reused in applications where there is a need for insulation. Steel on the other hand, is a valuable natural resource that can be recycled indefinitely. Consequently, the metal sheets from the panels can be removed and sent for recycling.

Recovery (waste-to-energy)

If decommissioned products can not be reused, recycled or converted to other products, the preferred option is to energy recovery. Polyurethane contains a significant amount of energy, making it an efficient raw material for incinerators that produce electricity and heat for use in buildings and industrial processes. Finally, polyurethane wastes free of ozone-depleting substances (CFC, HCFC free) are not classified as hazardous waste and polyurethane insulation at the end of the life cycle is quite valuable. Separation of demolition waste into minerals and organic fractions producing energy to deal with non-recyclable organic waste is encouraged. This is a prerequisite before the landfill option of polyurethane and other organic demolition waste.