1.When is the protective film removed from the metal surfaces?
The protective film is removed immediately after the mounting of the sheets. Keeping the protective film for a long time and exposing to sunlight can cause damage to the color of the metal surfaces.
2.How do we screw the panels when they are installed?
The panels are mounted on the purlins-grits with self-drilling metal screws. Once the panel is placed at the desired point, we begin its attachment by screwing it to its retaining points on the metal frame of the building. We continue until the screw head begins to press the outer surface of the sheet. CAUTION: Excessive screwing can cause deformation and damage to the metal surface of the panel!
3.Why should refrigeration chambers always be sealed?
Refrigeration chambers have always negative pressure. This means there is a tendency for the outside hot air to enter the chamber. Therefore, the chamber should be sealed as follows: - At the inner and outer metal joints with antifungal silicone. -At the polyurethane joints with low expansion polyurethane foam.