• Roof panels

    Roof panel with 5 ribs PR-5T 39/250

    Roof panel with 4 ribs PR-4T 39/333

    Roof panel with 3 ribs PR-3T 39/500

  • Wall panels

    Microrib wall panel PW-D

    Microrib wall panel with 1 channel PW-1SD

    Light corrugation wall panel PW-LC

    Microrib wall panel with 4 channels PW-4SD

    Cross corrugation wall panel PW-C

    Cross corrugation wall panel with 1 channel PW-1SC

    Cross and light corrugation wall panel PW-LCV

    Cross corrugation wall panel with 4 channels PW-4SC

    Vertical corrugation wall panel PW-V

    Vertical corrugation wall panel with 1 channel PW-1SV

    Vertical corrugation wall panel with 2 channels PW-2SV

    Vertical corrugation wall panel with 4 channels PW-4SV

    Flat wall panel PW-F

    Flat wall panel with 1 channel PW-1SF

    Flat wall panel with 2 channels PW-2SF

    Flat wall panel with 4 channels PW-4SF

    Brick wall panel PW-B

  • Cold room panels

    Flat cold room panel PF-F

    Light corrugated cold room panel PF-LC

  • Roman tiles panels

    Roman tile panel PT-R 40/200


  • Compostite slabs metal sheets

    Composite slabs TR 55/150

    Composite slabs TR 75/200

    Composite slabs TR 100/250

    Composite slabs TR 125/300

  • Metal sheets for roofing & cladding

    Typical Trapezoidal sheet TR 38/126

    Neural trapezoidal sheet TR 38/250

    Mini trapezoidal sheet TR15/75

    Corrugated sheet S 18/76

    Dutch tiles TLD 41/200

    Roman tiles with hidden fixing TLR 40/200

    French tiles TLF 23/183

  • Heat & sound insulating metal sheets

    Heat & sound insulating metal sheets

  • Linear cassettes

    Linear cassettes type F

    Linear cassettes type V

    Linear cassettes type C

  • Customized metal sheets

    Customized metal sheets


  • Purlins - Girts

    Z sections

    C sections

    C Plus sections

    Σ sections

    Σ Plus sections

  • Metal framing profiles

    FR 50/50 profile

    FR 62/62 profile

    FR 62/50 profile

    FR 74/62 profile

    FV 50/50 profile

    FV 62/50 profile

    FV 74/50 profile

    FR 74/6 profile

  • Auxiliary sections

    Auxiliary sections C

    Auxiliary sections Z

    Auxiliary sections L

    Auxiliary sections T

    Auxiliary sections Ω

  • Customized sections

    Customized sections

  • Closed sections - Tubes

    Closed sections - Tubes

  • Industrial gutters

    Industrial gutters of fixed section

    Industrial gutters of variable section

  • Metal profiles for drywall building



    False ceiling guides

    False ceiling perimetric guides

    Corner beads

    Edge bead

  • Metal profiles for plastering

    Corner plaster beads

    Plaster guides



  • Vertical angles

    Plain vertical angles

    Formed vertical angles

    Curved vertical angles

  • Gables

    Tile gables

    Panel, metal sheet plain gables

    Panel, metal sheet formed gables

  • Frames lateral

    Frames lateral plain

    Frames lateral formed

    Spherical cap

  • Water drips

    Z form drips

    C form drips

    Special roof angles

    End wall expansion flashings

    Vertical joint expansion flashings

  • Ridge caps

    Internal ridge caps

    Tile external ridge caps

    Panel, metal sheet external ridge caps

    Ventilatied ridge caps

  • Customized parts

    Customized parts


  • Fixing materials

    Wood screws

    Metal screws

    Concrete screws

  • Cold room accessories

    Cold room accessories

  • Natural light sheets

    Polyester sheets

    Polycarbonate sheets

  • Sealing materials

    Polyurethane cover for panels

    Polyethylene metal sheet sealings

    Rubber sealings for windows and doors

  • Roof accessories

    Roof accessories

  • Residential gutters


    Water drains

    Gutter hooks

    Gutter components


  • Systems