The new innovative airtight sealing of DOMOLAM panels is a strip gasket placed at the joints of the metal surface of the panels in order to improve their performance regarding air permeability.

DOMOLAM sealing
can be placed both at the external and the internal metal face of the panel, thus giving the highest possible values of airtightness.

Moreover, it can be used in all three types of DOMOLAM panels:
  • Roof panels
  • Wall panels
  • Frigo panels

Small scale test
The results of a small scale test can be seen in the related video HERE.

In this video we can notice the improvement of airtightness values in vacuum conditions (negative air pressure) at a certain point of the jont of the panels.

The vacuum pressure is measured with a manometer at the three following cases-situations:
  • On plain metal sheet surface
  • On joint surface with DOMOLAM gasket
  • On joint surface without DOMOLAM gasket

Result: More than 30% proven improvement.