CODE / ΚΩΔ.: TLD 41/200

Dimensions - weights table

Thickness: 0,40-0,60mm. Tile length: The standard ceramic tile length (35cm). Different tile lengths upon request. Sheet length: unlimited. A length of up to 6m is recommended in order to facilitate transportation. Tolerances: sheet length ±3mm, sheet width ±5mm. Sheets length overlapping 135mm.

Technical specifications

The DOMOLAM metal sheets for roofing and cladding are produced according to the standards EN 14782:2006. The results shown on the resistance tables have been arosen from finite element analysis and experimental verification. Calculations were made with reference to the real thickness, which is lower than the nominal one by the coating thickness (0,04mm for 275gr/m2).

• Seating width b ≥ 50mm.
• Acceptable deflection F ≤ ℓ / 200, E= 2,1 x 106 kg/cm2, uniformly distributed load (Kp/m2).
• Safety factor = 2.
• Yield strength fvb = 280 N/mm2.
The material weight has been subtracted from the loads.

Specification of raw materials
Raw materials complying with high quality and technical standards are used as:
• Pre-painted galvanized coils: According to the standard EN 10169:2010 + Α1:2012 with standard polyester 25μ paint in 30 colors.
• Silicon polyester paints, PVDF and other colors upon request.
Long packs should be unloaded either with the use of spreader beam or long belts.

Should be tilted and covered in such a way as to ensure ventilation, in order to avoid vapor condensation and electrochemical corrosion.
Pre-painted sheets should not be dragged.
After the installation, the protective film (if any) should be removed and the roof should be cleaned from cutting and drilling swarfs.


It is recommended that purlins are placed in the front end of the tiles, on the point of contact between the tile and the imaginary level of the roof, as shown in the support detail, and that the screws are placed right after the step at the highest (position A) or lowest point of the intersection (position B).

During fitting, highly concentrated loads between the purlins should be avoided.
It is recommended that at least 2 fasteners should be used on each sheet and purlin, except for the top and bottom part of the sheet, where 3 are necessary.
Fastening should stop when the sheet starts deforming under the screw, to ensure the best aesthetic and static results.

length (mm)smallbigweight (kg/m)weight (kg/m2)quantityprice per unit (€)value (€)Comments

Dutch tiles TLD 41/200

The original “Dutch” tiles DOMOLAM offer high aesthetical effect and bearing capacity, ensuring similar geometry to the existing ceramic tiles without absorbing humidity or freeze. They have 88% reduced weight, making their transportation easier and economical, achieving also weight reduction in the load bearing frame.

“Dutch” tiles points of excellence

Absolute water-tightness due to the high static height of 41mm and the 3 specially formed points shown on the overlapping detail.

Purlin distances up to 70cm, achieving great savings to the load bearing frame.

Minimum roof inclination 6,5%.

Negligible cost maintenance.

Possibility of direct disposal in various colors.