Table of mechanical properties
Πίνακας μηχανικών ιδιοτήτων διατομών Σ Plus
Dimension tolerances: Length ±5mm, section dimensions ±1mm. For the calculation, thickness t is the nominal minus the coating thickness (0,04mm).

Ζ, C, Σ sections perforation instructions

Οδηγίες διάτρησης διατομών Ζ, C, Σ

To avoid mistakes, the purlin - girt perforation is recommended to be stated as follows:

Z section purlins: the hole xi positions are defined based on the coordinate system indicated on figure a, initiating from the left purling edge, which "faces" towards the roof ridge. Dimensions S and P' should also be mentioned, where P'=P-5mm.

C or Σ section purlins - girts: the perforations should be stated based on the coordinate system and orientation of figure b and c.

e.g.: Ζ 180 x 2,00mm x L = 6000mm x 10 pieces
P'=40mm, S=100mm, x1=50mm, x2=350mm, x3=650mm, x4=3150mm, x5=5950mm.

The perforations (round Ø16mm or oval 14/22mm and 18/26mm) can be made on the section’s body or the flange, on customized positions and direction. Non standard perforations can be made upon order.

Ζ, C, Σ sections mounting

Ζ, C, Σ sections mounting

A. By overlapping.
B. Using supporting addition (sleeve).
C. Not continued (butt joint) at the jointing points with the main structure or with direct joints at the points of zero bending moments.
The fully lapped system gives the maximum strength and economy, because it is simulation of continuous beam. The total length of the lap must not be less than 10% of the span or not less than 600mm for 120mm section and 900mm for the 140,
160, 180, 220, and 240mm sections.

Screws & tie rods
M12-8.8 or M16-8.8 bolts depending on with the hole size and the way of assembling and tie rods M12 or M16 with 4 nuts and 4 washers Ø32×2,5mm (spiral length 100mm per side). Tie rods act as braces for the construction reinforcing it against outward
loads. They should be used in the middle of spans so that unbraced length may be limited to 20xH but not more than 3,8m.

length (mm)smallbigweight (kg/m)weight (kg/m2)quantityprice per unit (€)value (€)Comments

Σ Plus sections

Z, C, Cplus, Σ & Σplus sections are produced from high strength zinc coated steel, by the most contemporary equipment in order to provide a high quality, economical and efficient support system for metal structures.

They are used as purlins, girts, brackets, props and are supported by a comprehensive range of fixing accessories and tie rods and once erected, require minimal maintenance.

Technical specifications

DOMOLAM sections are produced according to EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and have CE marking.

For their production are used DX51D and S320GD hot dip galvanized steel sheets with coating Z275gr/m2, according to the standard EN 10346:2015. They are designed with thickness up to 3,00mm according to EN 1993-1-1:2005 + A1:2014 and they are disposed with round Ø16 or oval holes 18x26mm and 14x22mm, on customized positions and direction.