Auxiliary sections Ω

Α=40, Β=90, C=40 CODE / ΚΩΔ.: AS050
Α=50, Β=110, C=50 CODE / ΚΩΔ.: AS051

Weights table

Auxiliary sections ΩRemarks
Length L up to 8m. Sections dimensions (A,B,C) can be modified upon request. The table weights refer to galvanized material.

length (mm)smallbigweight (kg/m)weight (kg/m2)quantityprice per unit (€)value (€)Comments

Auxiliary sections Ω

They are light weight structural sections (thickness 1,00 up to 2,00mm) used ascross-beams, columns, spacers e.t.c., for the support of the roofing and cladding products or false ceilings, where no special bearing capacity is required, such asinternal constructions or small warehouses.

Auxiliary sections ΩAuxiliary sections Ω