Auxiliary sections T

Α=40, Β=55 CODE / ΚΩΔ.: AS040
Α=50, Β=55 CODE / ΚΩΔ.: AS041

Weights table

Length L up to 8m. Sections dimensions (A,B,C) can be modified upon request. The table weights refer to galvanized material.

length (mm)smallbigweight (kg/m)weight (kg/m2)quantityprice per unit (€)value (€)Comments

Auxiliary sections T

They are light weight structural sections (thickness 1,00 up to 2,00mm) used ascross-beams, columns, spacers e.t.c., for the support of the roofing and cladding products or false ceilings, where no special bearing capacity is required, such asinternal constructions or small warehouses.