Specification of raw materials
Raw materials complying with high quality and technical standards are used as:
• Pre-painted galvanized coils: According to the standard EN 10169:2010 + Α1:2012 with standard polyester 25μ paint in 30 colors.
• Silicon polyester paints, PVDF and other colors upon request.
The maximum distance between the purlins, where the special parts will be fixed, should not be longer than 2m. For the correct assembling of the linear cassettes, the use of a spacer is necessary. This spacer is fixed between the edges of the cassette as shown at the figure.

For an easier fixing of the spacer:
1. Turn the cassette backwards.
2. Fix side A of the spacer and bring it to a 90o angle with the cassette axis.
3. Slightly bend the spacer outwards so that side B is also hooked.
4. Drag the spacers to the purlin’s contact points and press the longitudinal sides of the cassette in order to eliminate the gap of the joint.
5. The cassette is ready for installation with hidden fixing.

length (mm)smallbigweight (kg/m)weight (kg/m2)quantityprice per unit (€)value (€)Comments

Linear cassettes type V

The cassette formed profiles DOMOLAM (with hidden or visible fixing) are used for high aesthetical claddings and false ceilings.