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Table of allowed loads 1) Single span loading 2) 3-span loading

Technical specifications

DOMOLAM insulating panels are produced according to the standard EN 14509:2013 and have
CE marking.

The insulation:
The polyurethane foam PUR is chemically neutral, non toxic and it is produced with environmental friendly technology with the use of pentane (CFC, HCFC free).
DOMOLAM insulating panels are produced with foam B3 with fire reaction Cs3d0 or B2 with fire reaction Bs2d0 according to EN 13501-1, ΕΝ 11925-2 and EN 13823. Alternatively produced with polyisocyanurate foam PIR, with fire reaction Βs2d0 and fire resistance REI 30 in thickness of 100mm, according to EN 13501-2.
The foam contains a high percentage of closed cells >95% (waterproof/mould resistant) providing perfect adhesion to the metal sheets. Its thermal conductivity factor is λ=0,0215 W/mK according to EN 13165 and its average density is 40-42 Kg/m3 according to EN 1602. Average tensile strength 180 KPa. Average compression strength 160 KPa. Average shear strength 140 KPa.

The metal sheets are:
• Pre-painted steel, in conformity with the EN 10169 standard, on hot dipped galvanized or aluzinc steel with yield strength 250-320 N/mm2 according to EN 10346 and EN 10143.
• Plastified anti-bacterial coated steel, special for cold rooms and hygienic applications.
• Pre-painted, smooth or embossed aluminum, copper and stainless steel on demand.

DOMOLAM panels are ranked in Class A regarding their water and air permeability, after testing according to EN 12865 and EN 12114.

Dimensional tolerances according to Annex D of ΕΝ 14509

Corrugation height


Pitch of profile


Panel length


Panel thickness

±2% of thickness


0,6% useful width

Longitudinal bowing

2 mm/m - 10 mm


≤1% of width


≤-1,5mm over 700mm

Edge waveness

±2mm over 500mm of length

Useful width


Slight leaking of foam from the joints, small foam vacuum or slight omissions and irregularities in the position of the gasket are acceptable, as long as the functional character of the panel is not compromised.

Long packs should be unloaded either with the use of spreader beam or long belts. Pre-painted sheets should not be dragged.


Should be tilted and covered in such a way as to ensure ventilation, in order to avoid vapor condensation and electrochemical corrosion.

After the installation, the protective film (if any) should be removed and the surface should be cleaned from cutting and drilling swarfs.
It is recommended that at least 2 fasteners should be used on each sheet and purlin, except for the top and bottom part of the sheet, where 3 are necessary.
Fastening should stop when the sheet starts deforming under the screw, to ensure the best aesthetic and static results.
The company is not responsible for any damage due to misuse of its products.

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Light corrugation wall panel PW-LC

DOMOLAM wall panels are used for interior or exterior walls and false ceilings. Available in 17 types are designed to satisfy the widest range of high aesthetics demands of industrial and residential constructions. They are disposed with flat or light corrugated internal surface.

DOMOLAM wall panels points of excellence

1. Produced with specially studied joint points in order to ensure that all external sheets remain at place with no visible screws.

Provide excellent air and water tightness and strength due to the innovative joint design.

Specially formed labyrinths contribute to the fire expansion delay and make them ideal for use in cold rooms.

They have excellent flatness and are ideal for architectural applications.